Cocktails and Fixer Uppers

Just what you need to liven the party

Swizzled Pink

Citrus Vodka, Elderflower, citrus, Cranberry juice

Raspberry Revolver

Vodka, black raspberry liquor, hedgerow fruits, citrus & pressed fruit juices

Proper PC

This medley of fruit comes together in a coupe glass

Proper P.C.

Passion Fruit Vodka, Passion Fruit Syrup, Triple Sec, Lime, Orange flame

Peach Paradise

A mixture of refreshing fruit on a rum or gin base will transport you to a place in the sun!


A bitter drink for the sweetest hearts, some say the best way to drink gin.


The rum and mint classic

Mexican Garden Dance

An excellent combination of sage, tequila and gin


Tequila! This drink provides a taste of Mexico, sour limes and fiery tequila go hand in hand

Grand Stag Sour

This short brings together whiskey and orange in a flavour packed tipple

Gin Garden Party

Gin, Poppy, Lavender, Rose, Bergamot,, Citrus, GrapefruitBitters, charged with soda & a violet perfume.

Egerton Refresher

Who needs Pimms?! Gin, Home made Marmalade, Mint, Elderflower, Pressed Apple Juice

Dark and Stormy

A rum based cocktail, accompanied by lime and ginger to create a balance of tangy notes


A great cocktail with a complex flavour with rum and lime

Cucumble Fumble

Gin, Rose & Cucumber Liquors, Cloudy Apples, Cucumber garnish

Budworth Badman Juice

Secret recipe Rhum Punch, Limited to 2 per person

Baron Von Apple Crisp

Gin or Tequila, Manzana Verde, Soured Apples, Citrus & Pressed Apple Juice

Bakewell Sling

Like a bakewell tart but better with a choice of gin or vodka

This is not a full list of all cocktails, should you require a cocktail that is not on the list please ask one of our very knowlegeable staff.