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cask marqueWe are passionate and proud of our beer and so we will endeavour to keep you well informed about the beers we have on offer and those which we will be offering in the future.

Serving Now - These beers are currently being served, however some of them may be nearing the end as we do go through them rapidly. A few of the beers are permanent regulars others are guest beers. You can see all the Little Budworth Sessions Beers Here


Beer Type

Beer Name

Cheshire Brewhouse Bitter

Engine Vein

4.20% ABV £3.75

A traditional but contemporary copper bitter brewed with Cheshire water and English Pale & Crystal Malts. Smooth, dry and biscuity with a wonderful hop finish thanks to abundant late hopping with English First Gold Hops.

Cheshire Brewhouse Cheshire Stout

Lindow black lake

4.50% ABV £3.75

Brewed with Pure Cheshire Water, English Pale, Crystal, Chocolate, Malts Wheat, Flaked & Roasted Barley, hopped with British Target Hops, Lindow is a Lighter take on Irish stout, very complex with hints of dark chocolate & espresso balanced with dried vine fruits, a luscious stout.

Thwaites Best Bitter


3.60% ABV £3.00

A clean dry tasting and refreshing session bitter with a glowing amber appearance. Brewed using premium grade Maris Otter malt and a blend of traditional English Hops including Goldings and Fuggles to give a malty flavoured beer with a delicate dry finish.

Thwaites Cider

Kingstone Press

4.70% ABV £4.00

Kingstone Press cider is made using the best bittersweet apples, harvested from Herefordshire orchards. A slow fermentation process is used, that has been perfected over the centuries, to deliver fresh and natural flavour.

Estrella Premium Lager


4.60% ABV £4.00

Light, smooth and refreshing, Estrella Damm is pale gold in colour with cereal and hop aromas that complement its fruity flavour.

Amstel Premium Lager


4.20% ABV £3.50

Draught Amstel is a fresh tasting, smooth and firm bodied lager

Warsteiner Premium Lager


4.80% ABV £4.00

Pleasantly well-rounded taste profile. Mild, crispy hop tone for a unique slightly tart taste experience.

Thwaites Mild

Dark Smooth

3.00% ABV £3.00

Thwaites Dark Smooth is the cool alternative with an inviting creamy head and a richness to be savoured.


In Stock and settling - This beer is currently settling and will be on tap shortly.


Beer Type

Beer Name

Storm Brewing Co. Ale

Ale Force

4.20% ABV £3.50

Amber, smooth-tasting, complex beer that balances malt, hops and fruit on the taste, leading to a roasted, slightly sweet aftertaste. Champion Beer.

Weetwood Ale

Eastgate Ale

4.20% ABV £3.50

A golden beer brewed especially for the Centenary of Chester's famous Eastgate clock. The fruity foretaste is followed by a mellow acceptable finish of hops. Winner of the Ludlow Food & Drinks Festival Oct 2002 Awarded "Champion Beer of Cheshire" Macclesfield Beer Festival 2003

Brimstage Brewery Golden Bitter


4.20% ABV £3.50

Orange marmalade in colour, this well balanced session brew has a distinct citrus fruit bouquet and a bitter finish. Another popular award winner.

Deva Craft Brewing Pale Ale


4.70% ABV £3.50

Full-on, cosmically hopped beer.

Wincle Beer Company Bitter

Sir Philip

4.20% ABV £3.50

Amber in colour, this premium bitter has light malty overtone, balanced with the classic pairing of Fuggles and Target hops. A proper English bitter.

Heavy Industry Brewing IPA


4.90% ABV £3.75

A big amber IPA brewed with the finest pale and crystal malts. Heavily hopped with Columbus and Cascade, then dry hopped with Mosaic and Simcoe whilst conditioning. The flavour of dark Seville marmalade is backed up by a piney, peppery bitterness. Beware this beer bites! Musical Inspiration: "Two Sevens Clash" - Culture. Awards CAMRA Champion Beer of North Wales 2015

On Order - Sorry these beers are on order and should be here soon

Brewery Type Name
Deva Craft Brewing Pale Bitter

Experimentium II

The Lymm Brewing Company Brown Ale

Heritage Trail Ale

Tickety Brew Pale Ale

TicketyFew: Double Hopped Pale Ale

Sorry - You have managed to drink us dry of the following beers - you can always request a return match

Brewery Type Name
Big Hand Ale King's Bane
Big Hand Brewing Co. Ltd Ale Bastion
Mobberley Fine Ales Ale Legacy
Wold Top Brewery Ale Hello Velo
Howard Town Brewery Ltd Ale Swallow's Nest
Cheshire Brewhouse Ale A Little Lupy ‘Simcoe’
Big Hand Ale Seren
Daniel Thwaites Ale Little Bewdy
Storm Brewing Co. Ale Summer Breeze
Bradfield Brewery Ale Farmers Brown Cow
Pennine Brewery Amber Ale Amber Necker
Privateer Amber Ale Roebuck
Titanic brewery Amber ale Atlantic red
Thwaites Amber Bitter Lancaster Bomber
Thwaites Amber Bitter TBC
Storm Brewing Amber Bitter Hurricane Hubert
XT Brewing Co. American Amber XT 5 American Amber
Ilkley brewery American Amber ale Rombald
Brightside Brewery American IPA Amarillo
Deva Craft Beers American IPA Pandemonium
Deva Craft Brewing American IPA Nemesis
Titanic Brewery American Pale Ale Iceberg
Weetwood ales American pale ale Oregon pale
Sambrooks Auburn Bitter Junction
Spire Best Bitter Chesterfield Best
Timothy Taylor Best Bitter Boltmaker
Big Shed Brewery Best Bitter/Pale Ale Engineers' Best
Beer Nouveau Bitter Challenger
Storm Brewing Bitter Bosley Cloud
Dunham Massey Brewing Co. Bitter Little Bollington Bitter
Thwaites Bitter Hoodie
Blackjack Brewery Bitter Siren Broken Dream
Happy Valley Bitter Lazy Daze
Happy Valley Brewery Bitter Five Rings
Dunham Massey Bitter Summer Meadow
Wincle Beer Company Bitter Burke's Special
Thwaites Bitter Stolen ID
Thwaites Bitter Hobnobber
Storm Brewing Co. Bitter Windgather
Brightside Brewery Bitter Best Bitter
Wold Top Brewery Bitter Wold Top Bitter
Brimstage Brewery Bitter Trappers Hat
Deva Bitter Gladius
Bradfield Brewery Bitter Yorkshire Farmer
Howard Town Bitter Super Fortress
Storm Brewing Bitter Storm Damage
Pennine Brewing Co Ltd Bitter Pennine Best
Thwaites Bitter Magic Sponge
Happy Valley Brewery Bitter Small & Mighty
Old Dairy Brewery Bitter Red Top
Box Steam Bitter Tunnel Vision
Brightside Brewery Bitter Brightside Best Bitter
Adnams Bitter Southwold Bitter
Dunham Massey Bitter Big Tree
Old Dairy Brewery Bitter Copper Top
Tickety Brew Bitter Mumme
Brightside Blonde Odin
The Borough Brewery Blonde Ale Azacca
Cheshire Brewhouse Blonde Ale Cheshire Set
Daniel Thwaites Blonde Ale Straw Poll
Big Hand Blonde Ale Havok
Pennine Brewing Co Ltd Blonde Bitter Baby Blonde
Privateer Blonde Bitter Dainty Blonde
Dunham Massey Blonde Bitter Obelisk
Wincle Brown Ale Butchered
Yubberton Brewing Co Brown Ale Yawnie
Dunham Massey Brewing Co. Brown Ale Deer Beer
Beer Nouveau CASK bitter Wee Beastie
Big Hand Brewery Co. Chestnut Bitter 11 Knights in Brasil
Howard town brewery Chestnut bitter Shining clough
Westons Cider Old Rosie
Westons Cider Family Reserve
Privateer Copper Bitter Patriot
Howard Town Brewery Copper Bitter Dinting Arches
Storm Brewing Dark Force 10
Big Hand Brewery Dark Ale Bad Gorilla
Privateer Dark Ale Dark Revenge
Storm Brewing Co Dark Beer Silk of Amnesia
Howard Town Brewery Dark Bitter Dark Peak
Happy Valley Dark Bitter Black Out XO
Privateer Dark Bitter Red Duke
S A Brains Dark Bitter Rev James
The Cheshire Brewhouse Dark IPA Stormy Point
Banks Dark Mild Banks's Dark Mild
Sandiway ales Dark porter Hop secret
XT Brewing Co. English IPA XT15 English IPA
Titanic Brewery Golden Ale First Class
Dunham Massey Golden Ale Duerr's Blossom Honey Beer
Offbeat Brewery Golden Ale Kooky Gold
Tatton Brewery golden ale Tatton Gold
Single hop brewery Golden ale Rakau
Daniel Thwaites Golden Ale Pure Shores
Brightside Brewery Golden Ale Manchester Skyline
Dunham Massey Brewing Co. Golden Ale Dunham Gold
OtleyO2 Golden Ale Croeso
Thwaites Golden Ale Old Dan
Mobberley Fine Ales Golden Ale Hedgehopper
Thwaites Golden Ale Wainwright
White Horse Golden Bitter Village Idiot
Weetwood Golden Bitter Oast House
Joesph Holts Golden Bitter Two Hoots
Peerless Brewing Golden Bitter Viking Gold
Big Hand Brewery Co. Golden Bitter Melyn
Storm Brewing Golden Bitter Downpour
Howard Town Golden Bitter Monks Gold
Thwaites Golden Blonde Apres Bike
Dunham Massey Green Hop Bitter Green Hop Beer
Fyne ales Scotland Hoppy blonde session ale Jarl
Sandiway ales Hoppy session ale Hop salvo
Dunham Massey IPA Cheshire IPA
The Liverpool Craft Beer Co. IPA IPA
Brightside Brewery IPA Topaz Single Hop IPA
Ilkley Brewery IPA Lotus IPA
Yubberton Brewing Co IPA Goldie
Marston's IPA Old Empire
Great Heck Brewing IPA Treasure IPA
Marston's IPA Shipyard American IPA
Cheshire Brewhouse IPA Govinda
Off Beat Brewery IPA Out of Step
Blueball Brewery IPA Spank
Big Hand Lager Kingsman
Companhia Cervejaria Brahma Lager Brahma
AffligemBeer Lager Affligem Blonde
Grupo Mahou-San Miguel Lager Mahou Cinco Estrellas
BelleVue Lambic Style Belle Vue Kriek
Timmermans Lambic Style Timmermans Peach
Mobberly Brewery Light Pale Ale RoadRunner
Brimstage Light Ale Sandpiper
Happy Valley Light Bitter Little Rascal
Big Hand Brewery Mild Little Monkey
Dunham Massey Brewing Co. Mild Chocolate Cherry Mild
Howard Town Brewery Mild Milltown
Howard Town Pale Ale Wren's Nest
OffBeat Brewery Pale Ale Outlandish Pale
Thwaites Pale Ale Gain Line
Big Hand Pale Ale Zeta Two
Cheshire Brewhouse Pale Ale A Little Lupy
Mobberley Fine Ales Pale Ale WhirlyBird
Peerless Brewing Pale Ale Peerless Pale
Howard Town Brewery pale ale Longendale Lights
Privateer Pale Ale Vanilla Jack
Dunham Massey Pale Ale Landlady
Sharp's Brewery Pale Ale Atlantic Pale Ale
Ilkley Brewery Pale Ale Mary Jane
Great Heck Brewing Pale Ale Citra
Timothy Taylor Pale Ale Landlord
Cheshire Brewhouse Pale Ale Cheshire Gap
Dancing Duck Pale Ale Ay Up
Weetwood Pale Ale Southern Cross
Wincle Pale Ale Wibbly Wallaby
Dark Star Brewing Co Pale Ale Hophead
Daniel Thwaites Pale Ale Naked Runner
Howard Town Pale Ale Kerala
Happy Valley Pale Bitter Sworn Secret
Blackjack Brewery Pale Bitter The Pokies
Privateer pale bitter Retaliation
Mobberley Fine Ales Pale Gold Revelation
Sharps Pilsner Cornish Pilsner
Kaltenberg International Pilsner Kaltenberg Pilsner
Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg GmbH Pilsner Stiegl Goldbräu
Off Beat Brewery Porter OFFKilter Porter
Titanic Brewery Porter Plum Porter
Dunham Massey Brewing Co. Porter Dunham Porter
Happy Valley Brewery Porter Black Magic
Staropramen Premium Lager Staropramen
Heavy Industry Brewing Red Ale Freak Chick
Shindigger Brewing Co Red Ale RED
Tatton Brewery Red Ale Red Hot Poker
XT Brewing Co. Red Ale XT13 Pacific Red Ale
Brimstage Brewery Red Bitter Rhode Island Red
Mobberley Fine Ales Red Bitter Solstice
Storm Brewing Co. Red Bitter Red Mist
Peerless Brewing Ruby Ale Red Rocks
Mobberley Fine Ales Ruby Bitter BarnBuster
Blackjack Brewery Ruby Bitter C Ale
Thwaites Ruby Bitter Benny & Hop
Ilkley Brewery Ruby Mild Ruby Jane
Marston's Rye Revisionist Rye
Deva craft Session ale Handsome Horace
Ilkley Brewery Session Bitter Joshua Jane
The Liverpool Craft Beer Co. Session IPA Quokka
Thwaites Single Hopped Bitter Light Touch
Deva Craft beer Single hopped pale ale 568
Ilkley Brewery Smoked Dunkelwieizen The Man from D.U.N.K.E.L
Tatton Brewery Special Bitter Tatton Tackle
Offbeat Stout Odd Pod
Titanic Brewery Stout Titanic Stout
Brimstage Brewery Stout Oyster Catcher
Blackjack Brewery Stout Jaffa
Peerless Brewing Strong Ale Full Whack
Huyghe Brewery Strong Blond Delirium Tremens
Burning Sky Strong Pale Ale Aurora
Wincle Beer Company Summer Ale Haymaker
Big Hand Welsh Stout Domino
Brimstage Brewery Wheat Beer Dunkel Weiss
Off Beat Wheat Beer Way Out
Thwaites Wheat beer Book 'em Danno
Heavy Industry Wheat Beer Pigeon toed Orange Peel
Castle Rock Brewery Wheat Beer Skylark
Kaltenberg International Wheat Beer Konig Ludwig Weissbeer